Les Cahiers Des Improvisations - Neuvième et Dixième Volumes

by Les Dix-Huit Secondes

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Review Extract: "...una visione impro/frullatore, fra spasmi jazz, desertificazioni blues, scivolate astrali, flebili bordate noise, contrizioni ambient/minimali e gorghi surreali..." www.kathodik.it/modules.php?name=Reviews&rop=showcontent&id=5318

Neuvième Volume: Tracks 1-5
Dixième Volume: Tracks 6-8

Improvisation Sessions Live Recorded
Track 1: January 7, 2010 - Cellar Theory, Napoli
Tracks 2-5: January 14, 2010 - Dal Verme, Roma
Tracks 6-8: January 15, 2010 - Cantina Mediterraneo, Frosinone

This release documents the 9-days italian tour that Les Dix-Huit Secondes had, alongside with Fannullare (fannullare.bandcamp.com), in January 2010 (7-15).

An extract of 'Can Med' was previously released in HysM?o36 SoloRumore #3 with the title 'Des extraits de le dixième volume des cahiers des improvisations': www.hysm.altervista.org/CATALOGUE/CATALOGUE.html


released August 16, 2012

Les Dix-Huit Secondes: Lucia Urgese & Carlo Barbagallo

Recordings: Daniele Giannotta
Editing, Artwork: Carlo Barbagallo
Cover Photo: Davide Marchi

Produced by Les Dix-Huit Secondes
All tracks by Urgese/Barbagallo



Track Name: Cellar Theory
Lucia: Percussions, Trumpet
Carlo: Piano, Guitar
Track Name: Dal Verme (Part I)
Lucia: Laptop, Synth
Carlo: Laptop, Guitar
Track Name: Dal Verme (Part II)
Lucia: Laptop, Synth, Trumpet
Carlo: Laptop, Guitar, Keyboards
Track Name: Dal Verme (Part III)
Lucia: Synth, Laptop
Carlo: Guitar, Laptop
Track Name: Dal Verme (Part IV)
Lucia: Laptop, Synth
Carlo: Guitar, Keyboards, Laptop
Track Name: Can Med (Part I)
Lucia: Laptop, Synth, Voice, Trumpet
Carlo: Voice, Keyboards, Guitar
Track Name: Can Med (Part II)
Lucia: Laptop, Percussions, Trumpet, Synth
Carlo: Keyboards, Laptop
Track Name: Can Med (Part III)
Lucia: Synth, Laptop
Carlo: Guitar, Laptop